Meet Crescendo From Mystery Vibe – The Massager For The Personal Touch

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Taking your pleasure to another level
A personal massager for women, built like no other currently on the market. While the art of intimate DIY is not new, MysteryVibe has made the first smart, body adaptable tool that can be shaped to your individual contours. It is also gender neutral is suitable for both men and women.

The outer packaging alone separates the Crescendo from its contemporaries. Once the classy, black box cover is lifted, the Crescendo wand can be found strapped inside with a ribbon. Also find a black, satin, carry case with compartments for lubricants, or anything you need to enhance your experience with the wand. Crescendo comes in two colours – purple or aqua.

The lowdown
Made from soft, body-safe silicone, this lady’s friend exudes an air of class, with a luxury feel. There are six segments visible along the length, which are used for bending to shape. The profile is far wider than thick, tapering in width towards the tip. Girth is lost for a reason – the wand needs to bend to suit varying body profiles. So the feeling of internal fullness, which some users may deem necessary, has been traded for universal adaptability. Also note the two fins at the base, for use on your central nub.

Oh, you might like to know Crescendo is waterproof so can be used safely in the bath or shower.

Your flexible friend

Using Crescendo
The plus-and-minus sign button at the base also controls the intensity of vibration. On the opposite side is another button, for programming. Positioning and size of these buttons is fiddly to operate, and it’s easy to activate the both simultaneously without meaning to.

The size? 8.5 x 1.3 x 1.5 inches. Yes, size matters!
So, set your scene…get comfortable and…
1. Switch on
2. Find required intensity and/or choose from preset pulse patterns
3. Apply where required
4. Enjoy

Because of its profile alone, this wand takes some getting used to. It isn’t a quiet instrument either, so you may have to run the bath or turn up the television if the walls of your abode are thin.

To get you started, Crescendo has six independent motors and twelve preset vibration patterns. Further downloadables are obtainable from the MysteryApp, which first needs to be downloaded to your smartphone.

Charging Crescendo
Use the USB cable and chargepad. The wand’s light flashes green when charging. It does take trial and error to get the wand in the right spot, as the light can begin blinking green, then turn red after a few minutes, indicating it is not actually docked properly on the charger.

For more information please visit: Crescendo.

Box contents: wand, satin carry pouch, charger pad and USB cable.
The RRP of £139 makes this a luxury purchase.

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