2 for £2 budget beauty buys

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This week our two for £2 in our budget beauty buys series are;

BC Body Collection Waterproof Mascara in Navy.

It’s ok for a £1 mascara but it was never initially priced that way.  At it’s original RRP of £3.99  it’s poor-average quality based on the fact there are better brands making better mascaras but as a £1 it’s just grand – you get what you pay for.  Mine isn’t the “Gold Collection# but that’s all they have left for the moment – same brand, same colour at Fragrance Direct.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick “Rebel with Cause” which is a sumptuous burgundy.

The RRP of this product is £1 and is about right value for money wise.  The colour is lovely, rich and glossy and it slides on really nice.  It just doesn’t stay there long.  One thing is that the case is a little loose and doesn’t “clunk” so I can’t take it anywhere.  I’d say if you really need a deep, bold berry shade like this I would buy a more expensive brand like a Chanel or Tom Ford.  It will be worth it in the long run.  If you just want one for experimenting or wearing for a picture or turning up somewhere then this is a good pick.  Just remember to touch it up!  Makeup Revolution is on sale in Superdrug and online in their extensive store!


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