2 for £2 Budget Beauty Buys

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Our review this week is of two pinky products!

Calvin Klein Sheer Creme Eyeshadow in Cashmere Plum – £1 from The Factory Store (Thurso)

Constance Carroll Powder Blush in Rose Blush 75p from Fragrance Direct


Check the fallout on this blush!

Check the fallout on this blush!


Top – Constance Carroll Blush Bottom – Calvin Klein Shadow Cashmere Plum


Our thoughts on the Calvin Klein shadow £1 (RRP £15!)

This is right out of the Naked3 family of colours – a shimmery, pearlescent pink which translates beautifully on the eyes and adds a pop and glimmer to the lid.  I absolutely love this shade – I can’t wear it on its own but with a deeper plum, brown or even a contrasting green it looks amazing.  I run a swatch inside the corner of my eye to the middle of the lid before doing crease and lash line work.  I then go over the same area again after putting the darker colours on.  It’s such a pretty colour and it makes me even more tempted to get the Naked3 palette!

This makes sense that this product would originally have been £15 – I would say it was worth around £10-£12 for one pot.  If you don’t have a Factory Store near you – you can find this colour at Fragrance Direct for £1.99

Constance Carroll Blush 75p (RRP £2.99)

For 75p this is an outstanding product.  It’s a very delicate blush – reminding me a little of Benefit’s Dandelion at a fraction of the price.  There’s a fair amount of fallout – this blush won’t take much of a beating before it hits pan and the rest crumbles away.  But in a wardrobe of blush colours it’s a handy one to fall back on – if you are feeling a bit pale in the middle of winter or if you are a pale skinned beauty you will really like this shade.    If you happen to be shopping at Fragrance Direct it’s definitely worth a punt in your basket.

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