3 Essential Bracelet Trends for 2014

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Now that 2014’s here, it’s a good time to update your jewellery collection.  Of course, it’s great to have your jewellery box mainstays – those classic, timeless pieces that work all year round – but each year, it’s a good idea to freshen up your jewellery with a few new pieces that really make you feel special.  Here are our top tips for all the essential bracelets you need this coming year.

3 – Bunches of Bangles

One of the essential trends of 2013 was the bangle bunch – the collection of mismatched bracelets around the wrist or higher up the arm – and this year, the trend is set to explode.  Try combining bangles of different size, material and colour to create clashing collections which really stand out.  The key with this trend is to be adventurous.  There’s no need for subtlety here, the skill in creating this look comes from being bold, and abandoning some of the key fashion ideas you’ve carried with you all your life.  So let loose, and you’ll be surprised by the effect you can create.

2 – Handcrafted Vintage

Early 20th century vintage is having a large comeback in the noughties, and that extends to bracelet trends going forward.  To work a little bit of vintage into your bracelets this year, why not pick out something floral, which is on-trend; perhaps in a bronze or pewter colour to emphasise your vintage theme.  This choice is great if you’re looking to stand out a little bit from the crowd, or if you’re looking for a little bit of alternative chic this spring and summer.   If you’ve got dark hair, choose your vintage bracelets in a darker metal to help them match.

1 – Custom Charm

Charm bracelets have been popular in years previous and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.  A charm bracelet is the perfect sentimental gift for somebody close, or buying one for yourself allows others to shower you with charms to show how much they care.  Charms are also customisable, so a charm bracelet is one of the most versatile, bespoke pieces of jewellery you can have, and because you can change them out, your charms will keep up with your tastes for years to come.

Updating your bracelet collection doesn’t have to be challenging when there’s such a versatile range out there to choose from.  So freshen up your collection today.

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