A Revolution In Medical And Aesthetical Footcare From Feet For Life Ltd

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With summer nigh, it’s time to rescue your feet from the thick socks and shoes they wore over winter. You can expect to find dry peeling skin, but what if you also notice discoloured or thickened nails?

Onychomycosis (pronounced ony-ko-my-koh-sis) is the medical term for the fungal nail infections affecting 800 million people globally. The fungus (or dermatophyte) needs a warm, moist environment to thrive, so onchomycosis is commonest in feet due to the airless shoe environment. Fungi that are naturally present in the environment cause infections of the skin, hair and nails, and thrive by feeding on the keratin (protein) present in these hosts.

Dermatophytes enter the nail via untreated infections like Athlete’s foot, or trauma to the nail. Once at the nail bed they thrive, shielded by the impervious nail. This is why toenail infections are so difficult to treat. Prevent infection by keeping feet clean and dry, and changing socks / hosiery often. Cut nails straight across.

Symptoms of nail fungus include –

  • flaky, brittle nails that may be yellowish, black and/or thickened.
  • nails lifting from the nail bed.


  • Over-the-counter topical treatments e.g. antifungal creams like curanail and nail lacquers are non-invasive and have neglible side effects. However, lacquers may struggle to penetrate nails.
  • Oral therapy is prescribed for severe infections. Side effects include nausea and liver damage, however regular blood tests over the treatment period can monitor liver function in susceptible patients.
  • Laser therapy – since FDA clearance (for fungal nail infections) in 2009, laser technology is competing with traditonal methods to eradicate fungal nail infections. In the UK, Cutera is one of two leading solutions.

Laser offers several benefits over traditional treatments

  • Quick and clean
  • No medication to take
  • No surgical invasion of the body, therefore no downtime for recovery.

About Feet For Life Ltd

Feet For Life Ltd are a complete footcare clinic based in Wimpole Street London W1. They are Health Professions Council, and Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists accredited. The clinic is establisehd 35 years – principal podiatrsits Mr Ahmed, Mr Campbell and Mr Nazir are all UK trained and proud to bring the latest footcare advancements in footcare to their patients.

Feet For Life Ltd treat nail infections with GenesisPlus, an Nd:YAG 1064nm laser machine that has been cleared by both the FDA and Health Canada. GenesisPlus is manufactured by Cutera, a San Francisco based engineering company specialising in medical and aesthetic lasers. GenesisPlus works by delivering light close to the infra red spectrum directly to the nails via a wand.

The GenesisPlus wand

The GenesisPlus wand

This light which can reach a temperature of 50°C, vapourises the fungus (optimal range is between 39 and 46°C). The wand covers a 5mm band in one stroke which is up to five times that of its competitors, so treats nails more effectively. GenesisPlus is also extremely effective in eleminating decades-old warts and verrucae. There are no known side effects of laser treatment.

What You Can Expect

During an initial consultation the podiatrist assesses your feet (or hands) and explains any condition they find. If you decide to go ahead with GenesisPlus, treatment takes just 20 minutes to treat up to ten nails. Clinical studies show desirable improvement in 68% of patients four months after a first treatment. Genesis Plus is safe to use in isolation, or combined with topical and/or oral medication. At £400 for five toes or £800 for both feet, you might find the cost prohibitive. Complimentary medical pedicure is included with laser treatment of both feet. Results aren’t immediate as toenails can take up to twelve months to grow out. A follow-up treatment after four months is included in the cost. As with any treatment, a 100% success rate cannot be guaranteed.

Feet For Life Ltd also offer:

  • medicure –
  • biomechanics and othortics –
  • podiatric surgery –
  • general footcare and advice

For the clinic’s website and prices, see www.feetforlifeltd.co.uk

For information on Cutera GenesisPlus see http://www.lasernailcare.co.uk/


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