Advanced Electrolysis for skin tag treatment

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Skin tag, what skin tag? Absolute Aesthetics Harley Street introduces quick and easy way to remove unsightly skin growths

Around two thirds of men and women will have at least one skin tag somewhere on their body before they reach the age of 65 yet because the NHS rarely remove them, most people are forced to live with them, however annoying and unsightly they might be.

Skin tags are small brown or flesh-coloured growths that hang off the skin, generally found on the neck, armpit, around the groin or under breasts. They are more common in older and larger people, but anyone can get them.

Skin tags are completely harmless but they can really knock someone’s confidence. Unfortunately because they are harmless, the NHS will usually refuse to remove them.

However, there is a safe, quick and inexpensive way to get rid of these ugly and irritating lesions – Advanced Electrolysis.  In the UK, most people think that electrolysis is only used for hair removal but a wide range of skin-related problems can be treated.

Vicki Smith, director of Absolute Aesthetics, is one of the county’s leading advanced electrolysis practitioners and has carried out extensive research into the treatment as a successful method of removing skin tags and other skin conditions.

Her expertise is coveted internationally and in the past year she has been asked to present her findings at medical conferences in Shanghai and Paris. She is currently working on a case series for treating Xanthelasma (fatty yellow plaques around the eyes) using this procedure.

Pre Advanced Electrolysis

Pre Advanced Electrolysis

Post Advanced Electrolysis Skin Tag

Post Advanced Electrolysis Skin Tag

She said:  “Skin tags can be really irritating and deemed cosmetically unattractive for those that suffer with them, particularly when on visible areas of the body – it can really affect your confidence. Advanced Electrolysis is such an easy way to eliminate the problem, as well as a whole host of other skin conditions, and it literally takes minutes.”

The treatment involves using a minute, sterile needle, which is placed either alongside or into the area to be treated. When in position, a tiny energy current is discharged, killing the skin tag from the inside and allowing it to dry up and fall off.

There is no down time so you can be in and out of the clinic – skin tag free – in your lunch break. What’s more, there is very little discomfort.

The treatment, which Vicki will be offering at Absolute Aesthetics at 96 Harley Street from August 12 can also be used to treat many kinds of skin lesions such as milia, thread veins, broken capillaries, blood spots and Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra.

Absolute Aesthetics is Harley Street’s newest clinic and offers high end boutique services and treatments in a comfortable environment. The clinic is already leading the way in facial injective procedures and is Harley Street’s ‘best kept secret’ for ladies who want and expect that extra level of service.

To book treatments or find out more information about Absolute Aesthetics at 96 Harley Street, call 01483 477189, text 07787 040146 or email

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