Are flip flops ruining our feet?

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Relied upon by millions to see us through the summer months, many people I know have to be prised out of them come the autumnal weather. Despite my comments of “how can you wear those all the time, there’s no support at all for your foot?” – I’m told they are the comfiest thing on the planet to wear.

However – new evidence has come to light from the leading experts in foot health and they warn that this summer might be your last summer wearing flip-flops – as more than 200,000 people were treated by the NHS each year for injuries involving flip-flops.

Not only that, the long term damage that can be done by wearing a 5mm thick piece of rubber to protect you from the impact of the pavement could be quite debilitating! I myself suffer from plantar facilitis and I can assure you – it is no walk in the park.

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists recommends a sandal with a slight heel and more support instead. Mike O’Neill, spokesman for the Society comments “Flip-flop wearers land on the outside and then roll the foot inwards putting all the pressure on the big toe

Heel pain is very common – we probably see four or five new cases here every week – and we also see inner arch collapses and podiatrists see lots of broken and fractured toes from flip-flops”

So what’s the solution – women want to wear summer sandals but still be able to walk in comfort?

Rubbersole ( has an excellent range of supportive flip flops that will not give you as many problems with the achilles and plantar muscles and allow you to walk a little distance without experiencing damamge to the foot.

Croc      Fitflop Rokkit

The Croc Flop £19.99                                      The Fitflop – Rokkit Black Diamond £64.99


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