Balance Me – Stellar Face Balm

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Over the rest of the Autumn and Winter I’ll be bringing you a range of wonder products which have multi-applications – not only a great cost save but great space saver too!  I know my shelves are groaning with the weight of cream after cream, lotions, balms!

Balance Me Stellar Face Balm (£18 for 50mls) is a thick, rich balm – beautifully scented with some of my all time favourite essential oils – May Chang, Neroli and Mandarin.  IT also is rich with organic shea butter, virgin coconut oil, rosehip oil and  mango seed butter.  Any of these alone are beneficial to the skin but this Stellar combination can be used to soothe, soften and shield the skin all day long.  Some of its uses;

the gorgeous Balance Me Stellar Face Balm

*As a night cream

*for mosquito bites

*lip balm

*cuticle cream

*a frizz easer to your hair

*face mask (you could use a hot muslin to open up the pores and increase the benefits when removing it

*heel/elbow balm

Also brilliant is the fact it’s made in the UK, 100% natural origin and contains no chemical nasties such as paraffin, silicones or propylene glycol.  Get your hands on some Balance Me Stellar Face Balm for your handbag.

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