Ben & Jerry’s brings scrumptious new Greek FroYo range to the UK

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Fun-loving ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, has today announced that it will be adding some Greek to British flavour fans’ weeks, with the launch of three new Greekin’ good, Greek-style frozen yogurt flavours!

The light and creamy taste sensations include Strawberry Shortcake, a rich Greek yoghurt sprinkled with juicy strawberry bits whirled with crumbly shortcake biscuit; Raspberry Chocolate Chunk, a blend of zingy raspberry notes with smooth chocolatey chunks; and Vanilla Honey Caramel, a soft vanilla FroYo with a swirl of gooey honey caramel. The Greek Gods of the Freezer are perfect for flavour fans looking for an alternative lower fat treat without compromising on any of the Ben & Jerry’s tastiness.

Available in 500ml tubs to share with friends, as well as 150ml pots, the Ben & Jerry’s Greek Style Frozen Yogurts are the desserts to dig into this spring, and will be hitting freezers from 27th February.

Assistant Brand Manager at Ben & Jerry’s, Zhelin Chen said: “We wanted to give our loyal flavour fans a taste of Greek to complement the Ben & Jerry’s FroYo range. It’s thick, rich and creamy, and the honey, chocolate and fruit flavours mean there’s something to satisfy every craving. Now everyone can have some Greek in their week!”

The range will launch in Ben & Jerry’s signature 500ml take-home tubs with a RRP of £4.99, and Strawberry Shortcake and Vanilla Honey Caramel variants will also be rolled out in 150ml pots priced at £1.68.

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About Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s have been making great ice cream since the company was founded by school friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, back in 1978. Their aim is (and always has been!) to make the best possible ice cream, in the nicest possible way. This includes a commitment to values led sourcing for their ingredients, including milk of course. To learn more about their pioneering sustainable dairy programme, Caring Dairy, visit

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