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Pretty Beauty ~ £19

Betrousse is the French skincare beauty box available for delivery in the UK.  In it you will receive ONLY full sized samples with a total value of £122!

So what do you get?  My favourites are;

Cupcake Organic ~ Blue Tansy & Lavender Balancing Day Cream (value £16).  100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin and 72.5% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.  Love the packaging on this one, the crystal blue glass container is bright and pretty and despite there being my most hated ingredient of lavender included, it smells really lovely.  The application is soft on the skin and the cream itself has a nice thick consistency.  I’d prefer to use this in the evening, it’s a little heavy for daytime use for my own personal tastes.  The other choice in the tailored box is Frankincense & Orange for dry skin.

Radieuse Anti âge Kesari® (RRP £47!!)  This is an anti~aging cream (and an expensive one at that!) and promises results in 28 days.  Tested on by 17 women from 42 to 59 years old, having fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet over 28 days.  An anti wrinkle effect was observed in 76 % of women, so sounds good (although the test panel was kinda small  I like the fact it was on older women with visible lines and wrinkles)

Sexy Plump Lip Gloss in Pink ~ Yves Rocher (RRP £13.90)  Although I would say this was more on the red scale than the pink scale.  I wouldn’t have picked out the colour personally as I only like pink glosses ~ this is really nice on, it’s sheer enough not to look too red but gives the lips a nice flush.  It contains Sandthorn extract, Vitamin E and organic Shea Butter and is not tested on animals.   It also has a gently curved brush to allow the product to smooth on the lips perfectly.    Didn’t realise it was “plumping” so will need to go back and investigate this claim further!

Valetta Eyeshadow ~10g (RRP £2)  The pink one I probably wouldn’t have used but I got the greys which also contained a cute purple.  I’ve not tried them on the eyes yet but I like the colour range and it’s a useful addition to my kit!

100% Argan Oil (RRP £10)  A great addition, useful in so many circumstances.  Add a few drops to your shampoo, neat on your hair split ends, blend it into a plain moisturiser or cold cream.  This is a beauty must have.

The rest;

Cracking Nail Polish (RRP 75p)  I’m very much a “classic polish” girl so I’d never use this.  I know they are popular and I’m sure if you like this sort of thing it would be a great addition.  Although I’d be interested to find out where they are selling polishes for 75p as would love to raid their other colours!

Papier Poudre Gift pack of 3 booklets.  (RRP £7.95)  There’s three different colour packs in here ~ one for medium to dark, one for light tones and one for very light skin, so there’s only one I would use and would have to get rid of the others.  I may use the papiers ~ I remember buying these years and years ago when I was at school…they weren’t bad at all.

Body Moisturizing Lotion for all skin types ~ Essyta Cosmetics  (RRP £13.50)  I’m sure this would be a great product for someone who uses lots of body lotion as it’s 98% natural and organic ingredients and it’s made without Parabens, Lanolin, phenoxyethanol, ethoxyl alcohol, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, phthalates, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and colourants.  So it’s a great one to have.  I just don’t use a lot of body lotion so it’s going in the pile of body lotions I already have.  I will give it a bash though.

Organic Hydra Refreshing Gel Cleanser ~ Yves Rocher (RRP £11)  I actually put this one to the side as I have micellar waters and hot cloth cleansers coming out of my ears thanks to various product reviews. But reading through the info to write it up for you guys, it turns out this gel cleanser’s ingredients are contained in a micellar solution.  “Micellar” means that the gel is made from very mild components which, when concentrated are able to effectively remove impurities without irritating the skin.  So this is a very good cleanser for sensitive skins and will take off all eye and face makup.  If you prefer something a little more involved than just a micellar water…this may be a good option and cheaper than the overhypered Bioderma H20.

So there you have it.  Worth £19 to discover some great French skincare brands?  I’d say so!  The Cupcake moisturiser, £47 anti~cream and lip gloss alone do it for me at £19…the others are a brilliant addition and I’m really pleased (as I was with the summer box) and will be making sure I get the next one.  I’m sooo over the “mini’s” beauty boxes where you get perfume samples and silly sachets of high street brands.  I think the industry niche has matured more quickly than people expected and the beauty boxes need to establish their place in the market (organic/full sized/high end) and stick with it and stick to their guns to obtain the products required. or like their facebook fanpage


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