Blooming Lovely! The Almo crib for babies up to two years old*

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Call them what you will – cot, crib, baby hideaway, it all amounts to the same thing, a place where baby can rest and play in safety, a place that baby can call its own.


The Almo crib is part of bloom’s baby range of next generation products created and designed by four everyday dads, yes you read that right, dads! 


This well made wooden crib is quite simply lovely. For a start the colours are eye catching and contemporary and will fit most modern decor. 


It also goes without saying that environmental awareness, sensitivity and safety standards are paramount both in selection of materials and the overall design throughout the whole bloom range. 

Some points worth considering: –


– Bright colours are proven to be psychologically stimulating to baby.

– Baby’s mattress can be fixed at two levels within the four walls of the crib.

– Baby, crib and all can be taken from room to room or for a tour around the home via a set of lockable castors (optional) attached to the feet of the crib.

– The crib folds down to roughly half the assembled dimensions for easy storage and transportation

So with the almo crib in your abode everybody is a winner!

So what can you expect to pay for this outfit? The basic frame retails at around £300.

Add the mattress and removable baby changer and you could part with upwards of £500 in total.

For further details, products and stockists see almo’s website at

* manufacturer’s recommended age but dependent on weight and size of the baby


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