Bomb Cosmetics – bath bombs, candles, soap slices…what’s not to love?

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I’m quite new to bath bombs.  Lush has always been the dominant force in this market but when they first started selling them, I tried a few and just didn’t like the sensation of the oil in the bath.  I’m a bubbles girl.  The ones that released petals were cute but the petals stuck to you having a bath and also didn’t fancy being covered in glitter so I never really got into the whole craze. Since then I’ve only ever lived places with showers – I’m fond of saying I’ve not had a bath in years! Bomb are fairly new on the scene but they’ve jumped in head first with a fantastic range of bombs, cupcakes, brulees and various other bath-time gorgeous goodies.  There’s loads of piccies below to give you an idea of the range – you can order online at if you see anything you like?  I’m thinking the gift sets would make amazing Christmas presents! I’ve also spotted on their website a load of shower gels, scrubs and body butters so that will very likely be my next review!

Pictured below are bath mallows, containing enough shea and cocoa butter for one bath.  Just drop them in and they will release all the goodness from their pretty packaging into your bath.

They retail at £2.24 and 43 different varieties and colour combinations so those loving a co-ordinated bathroom can pick just the right shade.  You can see the full list here

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