British Men Lack Romance

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– Women spend nearly three years waiting for jewellery –

According to new research released today, British women wait an average of 32 months in their relationship to be gifted with a piece of jewellery by their partners, despite one in five women (22 per cent) stating that jewellery is the best gift they could be given.

The survey by QVC in line with the shopping channels Gem Day on the 11th September, also revealed that 65 per cent of British women have not received a jewellery gift during 2011 so far, with one in 10 men (13 per cent) worrying that a jewellery gift will be seen as a sign of wanting a bigger relationship commitment.

The results also indicate that an estimated 2.2 million women in the UK have never been given jewellery by a partner at all and yet only 11 per cent of women like to buy their own jewellery. The lack of women receiving gems is emphasised by a fifth of British men (20 per cent) admitting to not ever buying jewellery for a partner.

Gemma Savage, senior jewellery buyer at QVC comments:  “The research shows British men are extremely cautious about gifting their loved ones with jewellery, the fear of getting it wrong stops them from getting it right.  But there’s little women find more romantic than a gift of beautiful jewellery so I urge men to think again.”


The top 10 regions where women have not received jewellery from their men in 2011 are:

1) Northern Ireland (92 per cent)

2) Midlands (81 per cent)

3) East (78 per cent)

4) Wales (77 per cent)

5) London (77 per cent)

6) West (76 per cent)

7) North East (74 per cent)

8) South East (74 per cent)

9) Yorkshire (72 per cent)

10) Scotland (65 per cent)


In comparison, British men revealed that the main reason why they were deterred from buying their partners jewellery is the varied tastes of women, making them worry about buying something they wouldn’t like (36 per cent).   16 per cent of men also indicated the costs of jewellery influenced their decision not to buy as gifts.

Gemma Savage’s advice for helping men select the right jewellery gifts:

  1. Take inspiration from what she has already – do not scout through magazines for the latest fashion, take a look at what is currently in her jewellery box and the pieces she wears every day
  2. Do not forget the basics: does she have her ears pierced?  Have you ever seen her wear a necklace / bracelet / ring before or does she usually go without?
  3. Ensure you know her relevant jewellery sizes – measure the length of her favourite necklace and the diameter of her bracelet or ring so you know your gift will fit
  4. Look at the piece on a model – jewellery that looks good in the box may not look nice when worn.  QVC demonstrates every piece close-up and on a model
  5. Money back guarantee – you can still return the item in case your loved one really doesn’t like the gift.  QVC has a 30 day money back guarantee.


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