Burberry “Splash” Eye Palette in “Midday Sun”

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The first thing to note with this palette is it was aimed at the summer market.  However, I have to say that the colours and the finish are so lovely you couldn’t just restrict it to summer wear.  Waterproof makeup always has a place in a makeup drawer – for hot sweaty nightclub evenings, getting caught in the pouring autumn rain or looking good for the supercute guy at the swimming pool.

Burberry packaging is perfection and enjoyable to work your way through – the prize being the gorgeous products to use.  It comes in a heavyweight beige box with silvery embossed writing and gives the product a very premium feel – I’d put it in the same bracket as Armani or Chanel makeup but thankfully they have been more imaginative than a classic black and gold.  The sleeve for the compact is a black suede Burberry print that keeps the compact itself nice and shiny or from getting scratched in your makeup bag/handbag.  Finally, the sleek, shiny gunmetal grey exterior of the compact with the Burberry print watermarked on it signifies you are getting close to the products.


There are three eyeshadows in the palette plus two little brushes stamped with Burberry.  There’s a lovely mirror and my only flaw in the product is here – the mirror/compact lid sits at a 45 degree angle so if you are putting your makeup on with the compact you can’t sit it on a surface and tip it back.  A small niggle really.

Shade 1 – Non waterproof, a little shimmer and a gorgeous nude beige gold colour.  I love this just on the eyes for a non makeup day.

Shade 2 – a perfect chocolate brown in a waterproof format.

Shade 3 – Brilliant turquoise waterproof liner/shadow

The palette is £34 and can be bought from John Lewis

Burberry Splash Palette

The gorgeous nude beige/brown shimmer colour

Burberry Splash Palette

Chocolate brown waterproof eyeshadow



Far left – the gorgeous nude/champagne colour
Bottom right – a rich chocolately brown
Top right – the bright turquoise – an amazing accent colour/liner too!


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