Caffeine to Wake Up Your Skin, Hair and Yes, Energy

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We’re all well aware of the benefits of a cup of steaming coffee in the morning to kick-start our day or an evening brew to keep the midnight oil burning and meet those last-minute deadlines. But did you know coffee and caffeine can also have amazing health effects on your body as well?

It is increasingly prevalent as an ingredient in anti-aging creams, body scrubs and even shampoo, largely due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This can help to alleviate redness and irritation, as well as temporarily curbing the appearance of wrinkles and lines in the skin. Even more impressively, a recent study found that caffeine can even restrict the damage caused by UV rays from the sun!

Clearly, there’s a lot more to coffee than meets the eye. Why not take full advantage of this amazing substance by trying out some of the beauty-enhancing products listed below? No sugar or milk needed!

Fig + Yarrow coffee and cardamom body scrub

This delicate blend of the finest beans from Indonesia and Peru contains hints of chocolate, vanilla bean and black pepper and opens up your skins pores with its invigorating and exfoliating abilities. A touch of cardamom will leave your body smooth, supple and smelling like heaven!

Hard Candy caffeinated lipstick

Hard Candy launched their coffee-flavoured lipstick back in 2000, offering three varieties of Lipachino, Latte Lip and Café-o-lip. Though the line was discontinued some years later, they announced their intention to bring the popular brand back earlier in 2015.

Argan & green coffee around-eye serum

This anti-aging serum from Shea Terra Organics utilises Green Coffee bean oil to improve circulation around the eyes, thus reducing wrinkles, discolouration and unsightly bags. Get a healthier and more youthful outlook on life – treat your eyes to an espresso shot of Argan & Green coffee serum.

Aromatherapy Associates natural exfoliating scrub

Combining the stimulating powers of caffeine with the beautiful scent of grapefruit, this all-natural exfoliating body scrub from Aromatherapy Associates moisturises and conditions your skin and improves circulation. When used in tandem with a body gel or cream, it’s sure to leave your skin looking and feeling younger than ever.

Origins Ginzing energy-boosting moisturiser

This caffeine-infused moisturiser will not only reduce bags under the eyes from a heavy night with immediate effect, it’ll also inject some zing into your day. While the company had been distributing free samples, those have sadly run out. However, orders can still be placed online, and for US and Canadian customers, Origins are offering free facial sessions in their stores.

Alpecin caffeine shampoo c1

Alpecin have employed the active ingredients in caffeine in their own unique shampoo to help strengthen weak and fine hair, allowing it to grow more robustly and be styled more easily. The formula is capable of penetrating the scalp even after the shampoo has been washed out, meaning it can work overtime to give you cleaner, healthier-looking hair.

Coffee to drink!

Of course, as well as treating your skin and hair to the energising effects of caffeine, you’ll also want to indulge your taste buds! Fortunately, there are also plenty of health and beauty benefits to drinking the dark stuff, too—and achieving a perfect roasted blend in your own home has never been simpler. The craze for pod machines means those from companies like Tassimo are easier to use than earlier models, and nice and compact.

Make sure you’re making full use of the magical healing effects of coffee today – try out one or more of these great ideas above… and don’t forget to grab your Kimbo coffee on the side!

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