Celebrate National Dating Day by finding Mr Right with FlirtFinder

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FlirtFinder reveals how to snare yourself a date with the perfect dating profile


24 September 2012 – In celebration of National Dating Day today, singletons everywhere can get back on the dating market and spark a new romance with mobile dating service, FlirtFinder.

National Dating Day provides the unattached antidote to couple-ridden Valentine’s Day and with millions of singles across the country still searching for love, romance seekers enjoy a whole day devoted to finding ‘the one’.

Mobile dating is fast becoming the perfect solution for busy modern singles, as well as a fun way to meet new people without leaving the comfort of your sofa. But many people just don’t know how to go about finding a date.

Justin Battell, managing director of FlirtFinder says, “There are simple do’s and don’ts on how to build a safe and importantly, successful dating profile. It might seem simple but carefully choosing your profile picture could double the amount of messages you receive.”


National Dating Day is the perfect excuse for singles to see what mobile dating is all about. To help spark your digital romance, FlirtFinder reveals some top tips on how to create the perfect dating profile, so all you need to do is sit back and await your overflowing inbox:

  • Be truthful about your age – age has nothing whatsoever to do with whether a person finds you attractive or not. If you do end up meeting the person, you will have to tell the bitter truth sooner or later, so don’t start out on a dishonest foot.

  • Keep your profile simple and upbeat – your future partner wouldn’t want to hear about your ex-partners on the first date, so chances are they won’t want to read about it on your profile either. Keep your bio fresh and uncomplicated by baggage – and make sure you always leave a little intrigue!


  • Steer clear of bragging – no one likes a boaster, no matter how attractive, rich or successfully you are. You need to work on deflating that big head as people won’t be attracted to you if “you’re sexy and you know it”.

  • Post a suitable picture – it’s all about finding the middle ground and while posting a suggestive photo is going to attract attention, not all of it will be good. Similarly, a photo of you setting in front of a pile of dirty laundry probably won’t attract desirable clientele either. Be true to yourself and natural as that’s what potential suitors want to see!

  • Avoid registering on a dating site when you’ve had a tipple – signing up with a screen name like “SexyDDmelons” will naturally attract attention. But creating your profile with a clear head will better reflect who you really are, get you the right kind of attention and move you one step closer to Mr Right.

For more information on FlirtFinder, or to become a member, please visit: http://www.flirtfinder.mobi/

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