Chantecaille Healing Spa in the heart of London

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We all know and love Chantecaille for their beautiful cosmetic products – luxuriously packaged and containing the best of ingredients.  It makes perfect sense then, that Chantecaille would open a spa to provide amazing treatments to the hard working or well heeled Londoners, hidden away in Fenwicks of Bond Street.

Chantecaille’s signature products all start with a base of rosewater and a high concentration of natural botanicals – used in conjunction with some state of the art technology bring the best in luxury treatments in gorgeous surroundings.

Our favourite treatments are;

The Energy Lift Facial

A heavy-duty lifting and invigorating treatment that combines proven massage techniques, the restorative effects of Chantecaille’s potent line of botanically-based Aromacologie skincare products, and the remarkable Chantecaille Energy Lift™ Machine. Together, they work to rebuild collagen and elastin and smoothe and tone dull, tired skin.  The uniquely effective Chantecaille Energy Lift™ Machine, developed in France, utilizes Micro-Galvanic, Middle and High frequency levels to lift and sculpt the muscles around eyes, cheekbones and jawline.

 Nano Gold Energizing Facial

A powerfully healing treatment that maximizes the effects of our revolutionary Nano Gold Energizing Cream to recharge, reenergize and rebuild skin from the inside out.  The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties of pure gold join forces with the healing, protective power of real silk to replenish skin’s depleted energy and endow it with radiant vitality.  The treatment begins with an Energizing Accupressure Massage, then a session with the uniquely effecting Chantecaille Energy Lift™ Machine to enhance production of collagen and to lift the face.  Gold’s healing and detoxifying properties, create optimal healthy cell growth. The result is a remarkable transformation from dull and tired to glowing, toned and energized skin

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