Christmas Candles – perfect gift for any woman in your life

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Candles are such a fantastic gift – not only do they make your home smell nice but they are decorative and create a lovely ambience.  There are thousands of candle brands on the market from the famous American brand to the local handmade craft shop ones.  How to choose the right candle for a gift;

*How overpowering is the smell?  You should be able to wiggle the wick and get a good sniff of the essential oils within.  Prominent ingredients should stand out – for Orange & Clove for example you should be able to smell both.

*Is the candle made from essential oils or just “the flavour”?

*Is the packaging nice?  Candles range from clear to various colours of glass.  Clear glass is easiest to give as a gift as you won’t necessarily know which room it is going in

*Is the scent versatile enough to use all year round?  Orange & Clove for example is a perfect winter scent but may seem a little out of place in the summer.  Eve Taylor’s “Inspiration & Exhilaration” could be used at any time of year, in any room and with any colour scheme – this candle is all about the wellbeing aspect.

Candles are great for creating ambience in your private spaces in the house or ones you share with friends and family.  There’s nothing quite like having a candle on a wet rainy day!

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Eve Taylor candles cost a mere £13 each and have up to 40 hour burn time.

A subtle blend of cool citral aromas of Brazilian Sweet Orange and the heart warming undertones of Clove from Madagascar bring together a rich blend to soothe and comfort. In a 100% plant wax candle. Comes in a glass tumbler and packaged in an environmentally friendly box and will burn for up to 40 hours approx.  Ideal for any environment requiring aromatic fragrance.

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