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Today we are talking to Claire ‘Lula’ Braithwaite, founder and MD of LoveLula – a superb website for all your organic and natural skincare needs!  We asked Claire some questions about starting and running a very succesful online business :-


“Lovelula is a fantastic story so far Claire.  Where did the inspiration come from to start an online businsses?”

I wanted to create a retail platform that showed off the quality and gorgeousness of natural cosmetics. Doing it online meant I had access to a wide audience. 


“What experience of the web and e-commerce did you have when you started and where did you look for help?”


When I started 6 years ago absolutely none! Although I did have a strong IT grounding. I learnt everything on the job but the ecommerce / web aspect of what I do is one of the bits I’m now most passionate about.  


How did you get through any hard times and where did the support come from?


Sheer determination and taking up the offers of support from kindly souls when they presented themselves!


What’s the key to suceeding in business – 3 key attributes?


Hard work, vision & focus 

Do you have any tips for women looking to start a business venture of their own?


I had a totally unrealistic idea of what starting a business would be like. I didn’t anticipate the levels of stress, the all consuming nature of it or how much sacrifice it would be require. If you’re looking for something easy going it’s not for you. If you’re looking for the challenge of your life and you’re prepared to give it your all go for it!  


What’s your management style and the key to motivating your workforce?


I look to create a great team that loves working together and where everyone has a role to play and learns from each other and where the can get satisfaction from a job well done.


Claire Braithwaite  Founder & Managing Director |




Winner Best Retail Website Natural Health Beauty Awards 2009 & 2010

Winner Women in Business Award – Cheshire Business Awards 2009

Business of the Year Finalist – Northwest Women in Business Awards 2010


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