Cocoa Brown 1hr tanning mousse!

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Here’s a great idea – you’re invited out for lunch or a glass of wine in the sun. You want to wear your new skirt or dress but the legs are looking pale and uninteresting…can you bear to bare all?

The Cocoa Brown tanning mousse will develop in 1 hour! It’s not a strong, dark colour so you won’t have to worry about looking ridiculous or having a tanning emergency but you will get a nice light colour to your legs by the time you are ready to leave.

We also love the fabulous bright pink girly packaging!

It’s a long time coming in the tanning industry to have such an instant colour – the standard was always overnight development plus wash off in the morning or more recently about 4-5 hours to develop without washing but this solves a much needed dilemna in a girls beauty routine – not wanting to tan the night before, have a shower, get colour on the bedsheets or a surprise event. The mousse and applicator mitt work really well together although still take care around the knee/ankle/elbow area if you are applying in a hurry, although it’s not a strong colour you will still see patches in those areas if you are not well exfoliated and moisturised.

Cocoa Brown is the idea of Irish entrepreneur Marissa Carter and you can find it Feel Unique for £7.19 or selected Primark stores nationwide 🙂



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