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Viking Direct Home Office

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If you are lucky enough to be able to spend all or some of your time working from home, it’s important to set up an area that is dedicated to the “office” so you can focus on what needs done instead of rooting around for a pen and paper or struggling to find that important piece of paperwork you needed.

Here are our top picks from Viking to ensure your time working from home is harmonious;

* As with any office – home or corporate, comfortable and ergonomic seating is extremely important to avoid RSI and back injuries.  Sitting anywhere for a long stretch of time can be bad for the back, neck and shoulders so this should be the biggest investment for your home office.  We love this cream leather swivel chair with arm rests….we saw something similar in Janine’s office in Eastenders and have been lusting after one ever since!

* We love pinboards, they are great for collecting cut outs and picture ideas if your business is creative – or even for storing Post Its in a visual way or keeping bits of paper from floating around your desk, especially if space is limited.

* Office basics, make sure you have plenty as there’s nothing worse than being on the phone, reaching for a pen and paper and finding empty stashes.  These are “lady pens” – BIC designed girlie pens and although we think they are a little gimmicky and plain blue packaging would do just fine – they are jolly pretty and will brighten up your desk.  We can’t live without Post Its…whatever did we do before they were invented!

* Desk tidy.  This gorgeous brown faux leather tidy is perfect for storing your pink lady pens, Post It wodges, paperclips and anything else you need regularly but don’t want lying in a drawer that you have to scrabble through.  We are huge fans of desk tidies!

*Storage drawers.  Again if it’s a home office masquerading as your dressing table or kids computer desk these see through drawers are really handy for dropping bits and pieces into at the end of the day.  We write a lot about beauty here at Simply Woman so these are essential for keeping our samples in otherwise the dog likes to half-inch stuff from the table…whatever he can reach.

*Upright box files – perfect for keeping essential office documents in…these are so pretty that they will add decoration and colour to your home office.  You get to have boring boxes in a corporate environment – when you get to choose – choose pretty ones!

*Notebook.  We find these are great as they go in the handbag when “out and about” but sit prettily on our desk so we can decant information from our travels or meetings onto the laptop/computer.  This beautiful range of notebooks come with all sorts of patterns so check them out.

Not only can you buy great value office essentials but depending on the items you purchase – you can get free biscuits or chocolate.  How amazing is that!  Click here to find out about that specific offer.

Home office workers in ROI can purchase from the dedicated Viking Ireland site

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