Creating a Festive Light Feature

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Christmas and lighting are ubiquitous. As soon as the nights begin to draw in and the coldness of the air signals that the festive season is approaching, the evenings come alive in an array of wonderful twinkly lights which beam from windows and hang from lampposts. Some are of the standard fare, plain and yellow. Others burst forth in an array of multi-coloured dazzling displays, changing every few seconds or crowded proudly around an illuminated ornament. Of all the ways in which we light our lives, Christmas lights have the capacity to be both the most beautiful and the most extraordinary.

Many people, however, don’t actually bother with doing anything wonderful with their Christmas lights. Whether this is down to a lack of imagination, money, time or both, is hard to say. But one thing’s for certain – everyone has the ability to create a wonderful festive light feature in their home should they say choose. And here’s what you’ll need to achieve it:

Your Tools

To create a light feature, you will need certain tools. Most important, of course, are your lights. To choose the best and most complementary Christmas lights, it’s always best to think about both the existing décor of your home and about your own personal tastes. Red and green aren’t a pre-requisite, so feel free to be as creative as you’d like.

In addition to lights, you will need some or all of the following:

–          Ornaments

–          Wreaths / Plants

–          Other Decorative Elements (ribbons etc.)

–          Wire Cutters

–          Screwdrivers

–          Power Quality Tester Kit

Choosing a Suitable Spot

Once you’ve gathered your tools together, you will need to choose a suitable spot in your home to arrange your festive light feature. Some opt to make their tree the main lighting focus of their room. If this is the case, you may wish to include subtle lighting in your dining room in the form of a table centrepiece, so as not to detract too much focus. Others choose to make turn their front gardens, or even their entire home, into a festive light spectacular. If this sounds like it might be right up your street, make sure to check with the neighbours first to see if they’re happy about having it on theirs.

Playing with Colour

Colour is a vital element of Christmas lighting. Whether you go for vibrant or muted, showy or demure, the trick is finding a way to make your home look suitable for a celebration. Don’t forget, sometimes less is more. Choosing just one key colour can help you to pull your theme together. Take inspiration from your home, from nature, and from the season itself. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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