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Remind Yourself

Access Your Own Intuition

We already know everything we need to know, we just need to remind ourselves.   Many of us feel that we need to look to others for the answers; seeking guidance and reassurance elsewhere.  Jolene Setterfield is changing this belief – or lack of self-belief!

Jolene is an international intuitive and teaches worldwide on being open to our own intuition.  She says “My message is one of self-empowerment.  We are all intuitive and we are all awakening this power, right now.  Everyone has access to their own amazing intuition but aren’t yet using it to their best advantage.  It’s my mission to help connect people to their own beautiful Divine gifts”.

As part of her work, Jolene has launched ‘The Reminder Cards’ – bringing forth your beautiful Divine Inner Spirit.  These unique spiritual cards, channelled by Jolene Setterfield and illustrated by Lynda Mangoro are designed to call in our highest and purest energy so that we can live our very best lives.  Each of the 44 cards is infused with positive messages and actions to take and gives us a powerful affirmation.

Jolene concludes “I certainly believe it is powerful and useful to go to others for guidance when we are feeling inspired to, but it is also vitally important we connect with ourselves too – start tapping in to our own guidance. It is time we started realising that we are the creators of our own lives and with inspired action, we can manifest everything we dream of”.

Reviews of the Cards

“I am thoroughly enjoying your cards and using them continuously! I want to share with clients, family and friends. “The Reminder Cards” are genius. Bless you! The guidance they deliver is fabulous. Baeth Davis

“What a wonderful reminder of our divine potential. I love using these cards and their messages daily. Jolene Settfield is as vibrant and loving as her message. I see her as a main upcoming spiritual teacher”
– Lilou Macé, Inspirational webTV host


“My introduction to Jolene Setterfield’s incredible ‘The Reminder Cards’ came in London at the Hay House ‘I CAN DO IT’ weekend seminar on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 when Jolene & I was in a queue and we got talking & she told me about them. Frankly I didn’t have a chance to look at them until the next day on the Eurostar going back to my home in France. They have been an integral part of my life since! They are extremely well written and illustrated and come from the Universal heart to our hearts. I will let the cards speak for themselves. Each morning I draw a card read it, carry it with me and read it as often as possible throughout the day and repeat the affirmation at the bottom. Monday I drew the card ‘Abundance’ and followed the above procedure. Tuesday morning when I awakened I had an e-mail from my sister (who handles my affairs in the USA) saying she received a check for me from a totally unexpected source and had deposited $11,000.00 into my US account. Tomorrow I leave on a three week journey ‘across the pond’. This morning I drew ‘Travels & Adventures’. No one can tell me ‘cards’ don’t work, I “believe” better.”
Carl “Blitz” Poston,
Human “Being”, Facilitator for Neale Donald Walsch


“As soon as I saw The Reminder Cards I knew that they were for me. I was drawn to the lovely artwork and the messages on them. Since they arrived (delightfully presented) we have used them several times a week and have been astounded at their accuracy. I have found them especially helpful for one card guidance, the card I get always seems to hit the nail on the head. The energy of the cards seemed to be activated really quickly (compared to other decks I have) and are the first ones I reach for now. Thanks Jolene for creating something so beautiful that is so useful!”
Elly Yule


“As part of my daily spiritual practice I enjoy accessing the most magnificent set of guiding inspirations from Jolene Setterfield’s card deck. Beautifully created, gorgeously illustrated, they are a gift to this world. Buy some for yourself and those you love. Simply Divine.”
Kath Temple,
CEO, The Happiness Foundation

Learn exercises in developing intuition

Seven Steps To Using Your Intuition

By Jolene Setterfield


Step 1

Listen Carefully And Write Down Your Thoughts

Listen very carefully to your inner thoughts and gut feelings, throughout the day. We all have this ability to communicate with our inner voice. Our minds can get very noisy, so the best way to start practising using your intuition is to take note of any repetitive thoughts or feelings you have.

By keeping a note, it can help us to feel empowered and more in control then letting the monkey in our mind chatter to us all the time! Quite often we can be thinking of all the hundreds of ‘things to do’ and this can clog up what needs to come through.

Be proactive and write down your ‘to do’ list so that it’s not all in your mind.  It can feel so empowering to get our thoughts on to paper.  I see it a bit like our emails; we have an inbox, spam box and send box – declutter your spam box!  Focus on your ‘to do’ list and write down any thoughts that just ‘appear’ out of nowhere. This is your intuition talking to you. Your intuition will only speak from love and never fear, or anything that can cause harm to another.

Our mind is often filled with clutter and junk; clear it out! Start a journal and write down all your thoughts and feelings each day. Writing can be very healing and it will teach you a lot about yourself.

Step 2

Clean Up and Cleanse

By clearing and keeping tidy our physical space, it literally rids our entire homes of old stagnant energy, which may have built up.

Have you ever walked in a room after an argument and it felt like a wall of dense energy? That energy is real and can affect us, so it’s important we cleanse our homes and keep our space tidy.

It will help clear our minds of stress as we do this. Cleaning and tidying is very healing for the mind, body & soul whilst clearing all the clutter. Give away any old decent items to charity or friends.

Step 3


We are all so busy most of the day that we just keep going and going without taking any time out to breathe. There is a place of calm and silence within us, but we often forget this. Stop and take at least three regular breaks throughout the day to practice some deep breathing for five minutes at a time.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to try a simple breathing technique – which is deep breaths inhaled through the nose and exhale through the mouth. When doing this breathing practice, you may like to imagine on the exhale releasing all of your current worries and fears. Then on the inhale, imagine all the solutions to your current problems and a sense of peace & calm. Focus on letting go of all of your stress and anxieties.

Step 4

Relax and Chill Out

Try and find time for you to relax DAILY.

There are many ways to relax; perhaps try meditation! There are many ways to meditate. It is so beneficial to our wellbeing and calms down our entire nervous system. It will leave you feeling calmer, clearer and give you clarity. You can try a guided meditation or perhaps listening to some relaxing music with your eyes closed for 10 minutes.

Massages, bubble baths and walks in nature are also especially relaxing as are reading a good book or watching your favourite TV shows or films. Comedy is an especially good tool to help get rid of any stress. Laughing is really good for you!

Step 5

Exercise and  Eat Healthily!

When we exercise we clear our mind, body & spirit of all the toxicity, which we may have stored there. Exercising not only helps keep us in shape, but it literally rids the toxins out of our body. You may notice your intuition at work whilst exercising as thoughts may literally just ‘pop’ in as if from nowhere!  This is your intuition speaking directly to you, so notice what thoughts pop in!

Be conscious of what you are eating on a day to day basis. Notice how you feel after you eat certain foods. Avoid the ones which leave you feeling bloated. The more you actively start noticing what is going on in your body, the more clear and empowered you will start to feel.

Eating fresh healthy salads, fruits & vegetables keeps our body young, active and vibrant. Fresh fruit juices and smoothies are amazing for replenishing the mind, body & soul.

You can perhaps take a walk or go running or even join the local gym. There truly is no excuse to not move your body for at least 15 minutes each day. This is all that is required to start accessing your intuition as a much clearer deeper level.

Step 6

Speak Positively

Be cautious about the words you speak. Quite often, we can start talking to others, and ourselves, angrily and from pain and upset. This can put us on a downward spiral and create more stress. It’s useful to voice your worries & concerns but be mindful about how you are doing so.

Ask yourself when you find yourself gossiping or being mean about another person, how you would feel if someone were talking about you in this way.  Stop and think about what you are saying. Ask yourself if it’s going to help make you feel any better by speaking these words.

We don’t often realise that our words are energy and this energy can grow and grow. Do you wish to keep feeding fear or would you rather feed positive and loving thoughts? Also, ask yourself if you would say what you are about to say to a good friend. Speak extra nicely to yourself! It’s hugely empowering to actively be aware of your words and voice and it stops any power struggles that may be occurring too. Speak in appreciation and gratitude and it will literally turn around any situation.

Step 7

Body Language

When speaking with others, listen to what they are saying to you and notice how your body reacts. Our bodies are amazing at telling us what’s going on. The more you practice this, the more you will start to be in tune with your intuitive body and sixth sense (the intuitive self).

For example, when you are arguing with another person, notice how your body reacts. Your stomach may feel sick and perhaps you start to get a stiff neck or upper body. These are all signs of stress on the body. YOU can choose what you wish to feel. You can actively remove yourself from any situation where you feel this. When you are feeling happy and loving, notice how open your heart feels and how relaxed your body is and perhaps how motivated you feel. Aim to be in more situations which help you relax and to be at your best.

Intuitively feeling your body, can literally save your life. Sometimes and quite often if you are ever in danger, your body will alert you, so take heed!

Remember YOU have the power to change. By listening to your intuition it can literally create magic in your life.

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