Do’s and don’ts for singles on V Day

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Valentine ’s Day is traditionally known as a day most singles fear and avoid like the plague; A day in which reminds singles up and down the country just how single they are. “It’s an  outdated notion that needs to be challenged,” says Dr Gian Gonzaga, relationship scientist “Singles nationwide should reject the pitying singles message and stake claim on having fun together on cupid’s holiday.  With a fresh perspective, a healthy dose of hindsight, teamed with your friends, Valentine’s Day can be just as fun for the savvy single as it is for the happily loved up couples.”

Here’s Dr Gian Gonzaga’s list of do’s and don’ts for singletons this Valentines:



Do: Give Thanks For The Ones That Got Away

Remember all those “have to have him or I’ll die” obsessive loves from your past. Wish them well and count your blessings.

Don’t: Feel Sorry For Yourself

Celebrate being single . Rather than sitting around and moping about your single status, refocus your efforts on Valentine’s Day by practicing random acts of kindness. Shower your fellow savvy single friends with affection and fanfare.

Do: Spend The Day With Your Friends

Instead of sitting on your sofa on Valentine’s Day, invite your friends over for a singles soiree of board games and drinks.

Don’t: Drunk Dial Your Ex(es)

It’s okay to get a little lonely on Valentine’s Day. But that’s no excuse to follow your friends’ evening by dialling your ex(s). In fact, if you feel the urge to email, instant message, or text on the day, stop, turn off the technology, and reboot your brain. No good can come from a weak moment down memory lane. Just say no to reconnecting with former flames.

Do: Celebrate Your Single Status

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the many ways being single rocks, but guess what? On Valentine’s Day, it’s essential to celebrate the fact that you can spend your hard-earned money with wild abandon, primp and preen like the glamour girl you are without having to share the mirror, and sleep as late as you want on weekends. Not to mention you enjoy the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and flirt frivolously without having to answer to anyone.

Don’t: Be Ashamed Of Your Single Status

If and when you run across a frienemy or some other hazardous human who tries to make you feel inferior for being single on February 14th, summon your inner strength and remind them as well as yourself that you don’t need anyone on your arm to feel good about yourself.

Do: Splurge On Yourself

Go ahead – on Valentine’s Day buy yourself something special. Treat yourself and splurge without guilt because you deserve a little extra TLC on the day.

Don’t: Even Think Of Going On A First Or Blind Date

Even if you meet someone suitable right before Valentine’s Day, don’t set your first date for the Valentine ’s Day. Being surrounded by couples kissing and cuddling is sure to make a first date awkward and uncomfortable. Instead, schedule that first date for the following week. In doing so, you’re off to a much more fun start with someone new

Valentine’s Day is nothing to stress about. By following the do’s and don’ts above, you’re sure to celebrate your single status on February 14th and every day that follows. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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