Easter Wines and Liqueurs from Simply Woman

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This Easter, we’re bringing you a little luxury from women-‘inspired’ wine, to women inspired liqueur silkiness. But fret not, there’s something for the boys too in our punchy port! Easter is upon us a little early this year, and the weather’s not too great either, but we won’t let it dampen our spirits – Happy Easter y’all!

Traditional drinking from Laithwaite wines

Abbesse Sauvignon Blanc 2012 – 12% abv is a fine tribute to French noblewoman Louise de Bourbon who oversaw development of the 16th century’s abbeys. Clever crafting has brought out the best of the local grapes in a palette rife with crisp lemons and grapefruit character. Has a zesty, fresh nose. Savour alone or with pasta dishes. Buy from Laithwaite’s Wine .

Hunter’s Pinot Noir 2010 13.5% abv is a robust wine is from Jane Hunter, the most acclaimed and awarded woman winemaker in New Zealand. Her pinot noir comes from the Marlborough region and delivers pungent hits of cherry, plum and spice. Recommended as a partner to red meats and strong flavoured game. Imported by Laithwaite’s Wine.

And now for something different –

Exotic Easter liqueurs

Fletchers Fine Ruby Port abv 19.5% This elegant Portugese premium extraction has an intense fruit palette. Fragrant yet soft on the nose. Classically paired with Stilton or dark chocolatey puddings. Definitely one to enjoy at the end of the day. Buy for £5.99 from Aldi supermarket.

Amaretto Bellucci abv 14.7% is a treacle coloured sweet almond liqueur that equally at home with mixers or untainted on the rocks. This blend is imported from the Netherlands and is guaranteed as made to an authentic recipe.  We did savour its full, robust flavour.  Just £4.99 from Aldi supermarket.

Ballycastle Classic Irish Country Cream 14.5% abv is a  smooth and creamy blend of whisky, fortified wine, and fresh double cream that easily rivals that famous ‘other’ original. Revel in the sexy fragrance that is sweet without sickliness, and slips down easily. Strongly recommended for after dinner…or after dark…(wink wink). Buy for just £4.15 from Aldi supermarket.

See www.laithwaites.co.uk, www.morrisons.co.uk/Food-and-Drink/Drink/Wine,

www.tesco.co.uk, www.sainsburys.co.uk, www.waitrose.co.uk, for more vintages

For healthy drinking guidelines see www.drinkaware.co.uk.

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