Escada Cherry in the Air fragrance review

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Historically I’ve always associated Escada with very oceanic/seaside/juicy type fragrances but this summer they ring the changes with this fantastic fruity concoction.

The bottle is a bright strawberry red with a pretty red bow and cherry stamped enamel seal (just incase you weren’t sure of the scent within!)  Hidden away on the back are cherries imprinted onto the bottle.  It’s a pretty container and livens up any desk or shelf area!

What does it smell of?

Well obviously cherries!  But as with all perfumes it has layers of complexity which diminish towards the base notes – more so in an eau de toilette which is what you get from Cherry in the Air.  The marshmallow notes in the heart of the fragrance give it a lickable, foodie type aroma – commonly referred to as “Gourmand”  Thierry Mugler Angel is a classic example of a gourmand.

Top Note: Black Cherry, Raspberry, Mandarin

Heart Note: Marshmallow, Gardenia Petals, Coconut Orchid

Base Note: Sandalwood, Suede Accord, Oakwood

It is sweet as you would expect from a ripe cherry but there’s also a hint of the fresh tartness – it’s not too sweet at all which was the danger with too much cherry.

This is a perfectly lovely, light summer fragrance, great for popping in your bag for a day to the seaside, summer picnic or lunch with the girls.  It will last a few hours before breezing away so will require top ups.  I’d probably only wear this one in the summer so if you are like me, remember to keep the box and store it in a cool, dry place over winter.

Cherry in the Air Eau de Toilette Spray

£21.25 – £37.40
Escada Cherry in the Air

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