Fabulous flavoured olive oil

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Nudo is a British company formed by a husband and wife team that produces delicious olive oils on a small, artisanal farming scale from their groves in Le Marche, Italy. What really sets Nudo apart from other olive oil companies is their “adopt a tree” scheme where for £65, you get an adoption certificate and all the produce from your tree in two deliveries over the year.

As well as the best selling extra virgin original olive oil, Nudo’s flavoured oils are very popular and of the highest quality. Made with pure, whole Italian ingredients (many flavoured oils use cheap, synthetic flavourings), Nudo’s flavoured oils give food high-quality, natural flavours. To make the lemon olive oil, for example, fresh Sicilian lemons are pressed in the stone mill together with the olives – the grinding process is used with the garlic, organic chilli, basil and mandarin flavours. The thyme flavoured Nudo olive oil is made by infusing wild thyme for weeks on end.

You can buy Nudo oils from their website: http://www.nudo-italia.com/shop from £4.49

And a full list of stockists is here: http://www.nudo-italia.com/shop/stockists


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