Finally – a cut that lasts beyond the hairdressers chair

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We have all experienced the scenario of getting your hair cut/styled at the hairdresser – loving the way it looked but getting home and NEVER being able to recreate it.  Why is the cut we get at the hairdresser not following through after we’ve washed it again?

Michael Van Clarke knows the answer.  The reason is because your hairdresser has been taught the classic method of wet cutting…washing your hair, cutting it to shape whilst wet and then blow drying amazingly well so you can leave the salon happy!  This doesn’t work because unless you have totally poker straight hair that is the same length and dimension when wet or dry then your hair will change shape once it is dry.  My hair has a natural kink and bounce to it, so that cut that suited me wet (cut longer at the back than the front) will, once dry, no longer be the same cut!

Michael has mentored all his stylists in the “Diamond Cut” style of cutting which involves rough drying the hair to the point where it changes shape and then using the shape that’s there – style the hair in the manner requested of the client.  The cut you walk out of the salon with is the cut you will have until your hair starts growing back to the length it was.  I was amazed and still am – my hair has looks great every time I’ve washed it – whether I’ve styled it or not.


Gustav the amazing stylist!

I’m a convert to the dry Diamond Cut…check it out!  Various prices are available based the stylist chosen.  My stylist was the amazing Gustav – talented friendly and has a brilliant eye for the right cut.  I’m going back to get it reshaped before I let it grow a bit longer!

Michael’s Salon is in Marleybone, London

1 Beaumont St  London W1G 6DF
020 7224 3123

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