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The name might be misleading, giving the impression you will be buying just sauce, but that’s not it at all. The Saucy  Fish Company is dedicated to bringing you all things fishy, in an appealing ‘just-waiting-to-be-eaten’ way, which means that each carefully prepared piece of fish is presented with a sachet of sauce complimentary to it.

We all know fish is good for you – but you either love them or you don’t. Our taster at Simply Woman is a fish-o-phile, so forgive us if this article is a little biased!

Saucy’s range includes the popular fish like salmon, sea bass, and cod fillet. For something a bit different there’s also a range of delicious melt-in-the-mouth fishcakes, giving you a saucily filled experience with just once bite into your fish and potato combo.

Low in calories and fat, high in protein, a fish diet promotes healthy, balanced lifestyle. For example typical values 100g salmon contain less than 200kcal. In addition all fish is responsibly sourced, and the saucy fish company became the first company to sign up with the Sustainable Seafood Coalition, which strives to keep customers informed about ingredients and labelling. All their ranges are GM additive free, some are gluten –free.

Simply Woman sampled three products from Saucy’s range.


Salmon fillets with watercress and creme fraiche dressing’ – the herb provided a tart overtone without overshadowing the delicate flavour of the fish. ‘Smoked haddock and cheddar cheese fishcakes’ – may sound like hearty ingredients to be eaten during colder months but we found them delightfully light and not too filling.

‘Sea bass fillet with beurre blanc and dill sauce’ – here the dill married imaginatively with beurre blanc to add succulence to this fish.

Why not go to for more fish inspiration. Their recipe book is part of a Tesco promotion in which the Marie Curie Cancer Care will be donated to. Watch out for Saucy Fish Company in all major supermarkets. You’ll recognise Saucy’s distinctive black and ‘brights’ coloured packaging which is also biodegradable.



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