Forte D 4000 – Is Vitamin D the source of good health.

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Cassandra Barns, Nutritional Therapist at says…

SAD is a condition commonly experienced in the winter months which is characterised by feelings of depression or low mood. These symptoms are often accompanied by reduced energy levels, increased desire to sleep, increased appetite and poor concentration.”

Cassandra’s top 3 tips to help you beat the winter blues:

Get outdoors (even if it’s cold!)

”On a normal bright or sunny day, daylight entering the eye increases levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin (also know as the ‘happy hormone’) and prevents its conversion to melatonin, a hormone, which induces sleep and feelings of lethargy. In winter, less light enters the eye, reducing serotonin levels and increasing melatonin levels resulting in excessive sleepiness. If you work indoors, go out for a walk in your lunch hour and always make sure spend time outdoors at the weekend.

Incorporate vitamin D into your diet

A lack of Vitamin D, due to reduced sunlight, has been linked to depression and the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. However foods such as oily fish, eggs, milk and avocado are all great sources of this vital vitamin which can help to boost your mood in the winter months, so make sure you are incorporating plenty of these D-licious foods into your diet.  Vitamin D3 is known to boost the immune system and help support levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Scientists have also discovered that people with higher levels of vitamin D3 have less age-related health issues as it encourages DNA repair and controls inflammation.

Keep active

Exercise is thought to help by keeping hormone levels constant as well as encouraging the brain to produce more of the feel-good chemicals serotonin and endorphins, which can help to alleviate the emotional symptoms of SAD.”

 Forte D4000 3d small image

Quest Vitamins’ new Forte D 4000, will provide you with sufficient amounts of the sunshine vitamin D3 over the dark winter months.  It comes in a tasty, chewable orange-flavoured tablet. Forte D 4000is £12.19 for a month’s supply available from Nutri Centre and Holland & Barrett stores nationwide and online here

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