Fruits and flowers help banish puffy eyes!

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Bags, puffiness, dark circles – we all hate those problem areas under the eyes that we all wish would just go away.  Natural ingredients can help with the process of disguising and reducing puffy or tired looking eyes and I know I’d rather have something natural in that very delicate and sensitive area that close to my eyes than some nasty chemicals!

I’ve selected a few eye creams made with natural ingredients to showcase the wonder of nature!



MyChellle Dermaceuticals Fabulous Eye Cream is 100% natural, animal-cruelty free and paraben free but chock full of gorgeous ingredients to soothe, hydrate and firm.  Their magic ingredient is the Edelweiss plant of the Alps and using stem cell technology they extract cultures that are rich in anti-oxidant technology.  Without getting too technical – whatever is in the Edelweiss is great for preventing collagen and hyaluronic acid breakdown.  It is this breakdown that causes the lack of firmness, lines and other signs of aging.  Has been clinically proven to reduce eye contour area wrinkle depth by 15% after only 20 days of treatment.

It’s also packed with cucumber, hyaluronic acid and Guta Kola extract (another strong anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory properties!)  We love this clean, light and refreshing eye cream and we’ll be using it over the next few weeks to see how it works out!  £19 from Nutricentres across he  and their online website.

Weleda Wild Rose Soothing Eye Cream is another jam-packed tube of fabulousness – high quality cold-pressed wildrose seed oil, peach kernel oil and almond oil are selected for their outstanding nourishing properties.  It’s a little richer than the others so superb for older skin that is dehydrated.  It’s the only one without a long pointed nozzle for delivery of the product so take care in dosing it out!  £14.95 available in a variety of shops nationwide and their own website.  We’ll be using this one in the cold winter months as a barrier to the elements and to rehydrate after a cold winters day out.

Good Things Bright Eye eye cream.  Rammed full of fruity goodness thanks to lychees and raspberries, this lovely light but refreshing cream is targeted at younger skin and tackles the ageless concerns of puffiness and dark circles with its magic ingredient – a brilliant new tri-peptide.  £5.99 from their website  We love this as a get up and go eye cream in the morning!






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