Get a gorgeous nude pout

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Spring is coming and it’s time to ditch those dark berry and plum shades.  Get a beautiful nude pout using;

Khroma Nude pout set

Those lovely Kardashian ladies have created the perfect nude lip kit.  You have a double ended pencil – one for lining the lip, one chunkier end for filling in the lip.  Then take the nude gloss, which has a delicious honey flavour to it and smooth over the top.  Voila! – Tres chic nude pout.

Make Believe Enhance Shimmer Gloss

Now you’ve got your perfectly outlined, honey flavoured nude lip – you can choose to add a little enhancement –  a little dot in the centre of your lips will make them look bigger and fuller.  This lovely gloss has a subtle and delicate shimmer which you could use to give a night nude lip look.

Kissing Elixer

You’ll have such a perfect pout that men won’t be able to resist a kiss. These beautiful handbag sized bottles of minty goodness are ideal for a quick spritz to keep your mouth fresh tasting.  We love the pretty lettering and chic mint coloured bottle.

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