Get fit with Mr. Great Britain

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It’s only been a month since New Year, yet the New Year diets and gym routines are already heading out the window. From 1st February, research* has revealed that 90% of New Year diets and exercise plans have failed, with nine out of ten people getting back on the alcohol, indulging in takeaways and slobbing out on the sofa.

None of us want to be in that 90%, so to help us get looking trimmed in no time, USN has launched five new workout videos as part of their USN Makeover Challenge. And that’s not even the best  part; the gorgeous Mr. Great Britain is the star of the videos and your own personal trainer.

Ryan Terry has been crowned Mr. Great Britain and Mr. International making him the perfect body for us ladies to get down and exercise with. Ryan is also an ambassador of USN fitness which helps people achieve weight loss goals through their meal replacements, pre-workout boosters, protein shakes and dietary supplements.

USN’s 12 week rapid weight loss diet plan aims to help women get that body they have always dreamt of. A healthy balanced diet means women can achieve a better body in no time. And why shouldn’t we have something nice to look at whilst exercising?

So come on ladies, let’s get fit, healthy and workout with a gorgeous man to make sure you keep that better body all year round!


1.The Perfect Exercises to Firm up your Legs and Bums


2. Lose those love handles and firm up those Abs – exercises from the USN Makeover Challenge.

3. Be Proud of your Arms with these must-do Exercises from the USN Makeover Challenge.


4. USN Present to you the Full Body Workout from their 2013 Makeover Challenge.


5. The Best Circuit Training for your Body from the USN Makeover Challenge

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