Get your body and mind in shape for 2013

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First Psychology Scotland launches ‘Shape Your Future’ package

Forget New Year’s resolutions you’re bound to break within the first week of January and get your body and mind in shape for good with a little help from the professionals.

First Psychology Scotland has teamed up with top personal trainer Marc Malone to launch ‘Shape your Future’, a package combining one-to-one psychologist-led coaching sessions with a Health MOT and personalised training options to address the physical side.

“Whether you’re looking to improve your physical shape in general, planning to lose weight long term or simply want to become healthier, this package will get you on track to achieve your goals”, explains First Psychology Scotland Managing Director and Counselling Psychologist Professor Ewan Gillon.

Different from run-of-the-mill diets, First Psychology’s package aims to transform the way clients think about diet and fitness for good. Their approach starts by exploring behavioural patterns and mental obstacles before looking at physical activity and diet.

Health and Coaching Psychologist Dr Lindsey Burns explains: “Most people’s lives follow a distinct pattern and eating and exercising are part of that. To help clients achieve a goal such as running a 10k or losing two stone, we need to look at their habits and possibly change them.

“Other areas to address are what we call ‘mental blocks’ such as ideas people have about themselves, including their looks and their potential – be it at work or within groups of friends and family. Negative thoughts may stop someone from really putting everything into achieving a goal.

“If we can change those negative thoughts, clients are much more likely to achieve their physical goals.”

Personal trainer Marc Malone will work with clients on these physical goals, following a health MOT. He says: “Our aim is to put clients in the right place from which they can then progress to achieve their own goals. This joint approach is much more effective than either a diet or training sessions would be on their own.”

First Psychology’s ‘Shape your Future’ package includes five individual coaching sessions with Dr Lindsey Burns, followed by a Health MOT, development of a personalised training programme and three personal training sessions with Marc Malone. It is available in Edinburgh and Glasgow and costs £575. Depending on personal schedules, clients should allow a few weeks to complete the programme and additional sessions are available.


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