Girls – if you can’t go bra-less – go Glamorous!

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If you are blessed with boobs of the larger variety and can’t go anywhere without a bra – likely up until now you will have shunned strapless tops.  But fear not – these Glamorous Bra Straps from Absolutely Flawless will open up your wardrobe again to strapless tops/dress and tops with one-sleeve as they take the place of your normal multi-way bra straps and allow you to wear that pretty strapless top but still get the support – and look Glamorous at the same time!

There’s a huge range to choose from – I went for the halfway house – not overly glamorous that I couldn’t wear to a festival or day out shopping but glamorous enough for evening wear.  If you like diamante, leather, pearls – there’s something for everyone!

To get the look – you will need;

1 x Glamorous Bra Straps in “Large Oval Stones” (Grey) – £36.50

1 x strapless top – this was £2.50 from Primark

1 x multiway bra or bra with detachable straps.

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