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Feet often remain hidden in thick socks and shoes during winter and as a result, winter woes that may include dry and peeling skin abound. And let’s not to talk of dreaded fungal infections.

Time to redress the situation because nothing is more unattractive than poorly maintained feet and toenails when wearing summer footwear.

About Feet For Life Ltd

Enter Feet For Life Ltd, a complete footcare clinic accredited by the Health Professions Council, and Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. The clinic is based in central London, established 35 years, and principal podiatrists Mr Ahmed, Mr Campbell, and Mr Nazir are proud to bring the latest footcare advancements to their patients.

What You Can Expect from Feet For Life Ltd

Podiatrists see a myriad of foot problems at all stages of advancement, so do not be embarrassed about the state of your feet. The earlier diagnoses are made, the more successful treatments are. Feet for Life Ltd offer a discreet, swift and professional service.

Happy Feet!

Happy Feet!

During an initial consultation the podiatrist will assesses your feet (or hands) and explain any condition they find. Typical restorative or cosmetic treatments include Marigold Therapy, a luxury session of soaking, nail trimming, or removal of hard skin areas followed by deep moisturising of the feet and nails. Powdering and oily foot massage follows. Doesn’t that sound like heaven?

In addition to regular manicures, Feet For Life Ltd offer a Medical Pedicure which is a complete analysis of skin, feet and nails. The podiatrist may detect more serious problems (like nail fungus) before they become entrenched, and thus harder to treat.

During a session with Junaid Ahmed, Simply Woman’s patient learned she had corns (which were removed), had stubborn thickened skin on the soles of her feet obliterated, and absorbed information about lotions for keeping feet moisturised. Her feet were totally transformed!

For the clinic’s website and further information, see

Here’s to happy feet!

Other Services at Feet For Life Ltd services include –

  • biomechanics and othortics
  • podiatric surgery
  • laser therapy for warts and fungal nail infections

The clinic sees male and female patients of all ages.




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