Gok Wan’s brother steps into the ring for women’s wellbeing

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Gok Wan is famous for improving women’s self esteem through fashion styling and now his older brother Kwoklyn promises to do the same by encouraging women to get fit and get confident through participating in martial arts.


Kwoklyn, who is a renowned expert worldwide, grew up in a family steeped in Martial Arts traditions. He studied the sport with his uncles, starting at the tender age of 4 and has not looked back since. Having taught Bruce Lee’s wife and daughter, he comes from a high pedigree of experts and is no stranger to the benefits of the sport for women.


“Martial Arts, particularly for women, is all about being empowered with self confidence and builds a strong self worth as well as the added bonus of fitness and self defence.”


There are a wide range of martial arts disciplines and forms but all share the rewards of maintaining fitness, core strength, flexibility, control and muscle toning for both sexes. But Kwoklyn says the difference he often sees in women is not just a physical one.


“I often see a wonderful self confidence appear in the women I teach, and this is far more effective as a method of protection than any self defence move. Walking down the street with your head held high is a powerful deterrent to negative attention.”


One of the biggest battles that most women face is losing weight and learning something like Karate, Chinese boxing, Tai Quan Do, or Jeet June Do can ensure the weight falls off. This is because martial arts employ every part of the body, raising the heart rate and toning the body all at once, giving you a full workout.


14 times world Muay Thai Champion Julie Kitchen will be appearing at the MMA Show at the NEC on 12-13th May. “Julie is hugely influential in encouraging women of all ages to take up martial arts as she has done” Kwoklyn enthused. “We are very much looking forward to her being at the show.”


One of the main reasons women fail to stick to an exercise regimen is lack of variety. “Never a problem with martial arts” says Wan. “And for me, there’s no better stress reliever.”



Kwoklyn firmly believes that martial arts holds the key to a happier and healthier life.  Through his worldwide martial arts corporation MA Inc, initiatives with young children, shows, exhibitions and mobile apps, he looks certain to play a key role like his brother in transforming the health and confidence of a nation, and particularly women, in the future.


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