Great Easter Drinks On Aldi

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This year’s Easter drinks are courtesy of Aldi’s great range.

Orchard Premium Apple Cider 4.5% abv, 568ml. A burst of mixed apples hits the back of your throat. This cider is perfect for those who do not drink wine or spirit. Fabulous on its own, but goes especially well with pork or creamy chicken dishes. RRP £0.99

Old Hopking Dark Rum 37.5% abv, 70cl. Sumptous dark raisin tones underlie this alcoholic beverage that is topped with caramel hints. Drink on the rocks or use in cocktails. RRP £9.99

Cocobay Caribbean Rum And Coconut Flavoured blend 21% abv, 70cl. A ready to drink cocktail base that can be drunk on the rocks or used as a base for exotic drinks (mix with pineapple juice for delicious pina colada). Suitable for vegetarians. RRP £4.99.

Accessories: Aldi’s cocktail shaker is just £3.99. Cocktail glasses (21cl) by Ravenhead can be bought from department stores. Dishwasher safe.

Vignobles Roussellet Pinot Nori abv 12%, 75 cl. A rich, easy to drink French wine sporting red berry notes. Goes great with a leg of lamb. RRP £4.99

Philippe Michel Cremant Du Jur 12% abv, 75cl. This sparkling wine has a smooth lemon and lime bouquet that dance in your nostrils. Expect a full-on green apple palette. Made from Chardonnay grapes grown in France. Pairs with most fish, especially salmon. RRP £6.99

Aldi facts

Aldi’s wines, beers and spirits have received 82 accolades from international grade competitions, including 33 at the International Wine Challenge 2013.
At all times please drink responsibly. See for guidance.

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