HD Brows are the beauty saver this party season

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There’s nothing worse than having an unfinished look – tidy unkempt eyebrows, constantly having to pluck through the holiday season and up till New Year.

Why not treat yourself this Christmas to an HD Brows treatment to ensure you look polished and groomed even when sweating over the Christmas Turkey, running around delivering parcels and all those New Year and additional food shops you need to do.

The treatment covers a brow tint, waxing and threading to remove bushy brows and finally plucking and trimming to ensure a beautifully arched shape.  The brow tint lasts for over a month and the combination of waxing and threading allows for deep follicle removal for a long lasting smoothness!

Simply Woman recommends HD Brows as the ultimate Christmas party look!

Check out these celebrity endorsements;

Jenny Frost
‘Eyebrows frame your face and can make a complete  difference. Before I came to Nilam and had the HD treatment, I look back at
pictures now, and think, how did I ever go about my life with those eyebrows…!’

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