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8.38pm on Friday evening is the ideal moment for women to relax according to research

New research from Lindt EXCELLENCE says stressed female Brits needing a break should clear their diaries at 8.38pm this Friday, head to the living room sofa, dim the lights and set the thermostat for precisely 19.8 degrees Celsius.

According to the research of over 1,000 Brits, anyone wanting to completely relax should leave the kitchen and curl up with a good book. It is also recommended that work attire be discarded for comfortable loose fitting clothing. However the onesie is not a popular wardrobe choice, with 25% of respondents finding it the least relaxing item of clothing to wear.

Conclusions were reached by first questioning how women prefer to relax, then monitoring their brain activity and stress levels in lab conditions. Further tests also concluded that drinking a glass of red wine whilst indulging in quality chocolate, such as Lindt EXCELLENCE, can also heighten feelings of relaxation.

For those who don’t drink alcohol, other findings suggest a hot drink can also have the same effect – so pairing your chocolate with a cup of coffee can take you to a new level of relaxation.

Head of ‘Lab at Mindlab’, Amy Walsh, who oversaw the tests, said, “Eating chocolate releases chemicals in the brain that increase feelings of pleasure, whilst wine activates the GABA neurotransmitter in the brain which reduces anxiety and makes us feel more relaxed.  When observing the brain patterns of our test subjects we found the two combine to create an enhanced sensation of overall relaxation and contentment.”

The study concluded that 42% of those seeking optimum relaxation found a cream coloured room easiest to rest in, while colours such as black, orange and brown were deemed the least relaxing. Most people preferred to relax by lying on their sofa from left to right and with two cushions maximum supporting their head.

The Lindt Master Chocolatier, Stefan Bruderer said, “It’s no secret many of us enjoy a glass of wine and chocolate at the end of a hard week. What’s interesting though is how combining the right wine and chocolate can affect your state of relaxation. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed tasting different wine and chocolate, and coffee and chocolate combinations to create the ultimate pairings. I hope that we introduce (people) to a whole new world of delicious flavour combinations.”

See for a step by step guide on wine, coffee and chocolate tasting endorsed by Chocolatier Stefan Bruderer, Master of Wine, Sarah Jane Evans and expert Barista, Robert Henry.

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