Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme

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They Say;

Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme is as sultry and mysterious as the night.

A decadent, sophisticated fragrance that expresses the anticipation of preparing for a special occasion. An alluring little black dress of a fragrance that makes women feel perfectly put together.

Sensual florals of violet and jasmine create an ultra-feminine aura, while a dazzling accord of white peach and aldehydes sparkle on top. A deeply sensual dry down of moss and woods creates the perfect balance of strength and sensuality.

We say

Well it’s certainly mysterious alright.  I spent ages trying to pick out specific notes in this fragrance and really struggled.  It keeps you guessing.

Knowing what other violet based fragrances smell like (either dusty/powdery like parma violets or dark and vengeful like Tom Ford’s Black Violet) I’d say there’s only a smidgen of violet in here – carefully blended to avoid either the powderyness or the dark melancholy of deep, intense violet (it can be such a difficult flower to handle)  The Jasmine mingles with the violet to tone it down and bring a bit of light to the proceedings.

Again – not suffering from an overuse of Jasmine – another very difficult flower to get right unless you use tiny doses – you run the risk of letting loose the indoles.  This is why I think I’m struggling to put my finger on the notes in this fragrance – they’ve not used a lot of the violet or jasmine in the heart notes – just enough for it to be classified as “floral” and the real fragrance coming through is the white peach – smooth, sweet and fresh on the top so this fragrance does smell lovely on first spritz but disappoints in the heart due to the lack of commitment to the florals.

It’s not a bad fragrance – ironically I think it’s ideal for the office or daytime as it’s quite subtle – there’s no offensive notes in it and is designed to be smelled by those who get very close to you.

30ml – RRP £34

50ml – RRP £47

75ml – RRP £59

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