Japanese superfood – Clearspring launches new Organic Miso Soups on the Go

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Clearspring, makers of authentic Japanese and organic fine foods, have just launched a delicious range of instant Miso soups, Miso Soup on the Go.  Healthy eating has never been so easy!

Revered for centuries as a traditional remedy for digestive health, miso has now been modernised for every day living as Clearspring introduce their new Miso soup on the Go range. At only 29 calories per serving, you can be safe in the knowledge that this is one great tasting food that won’t damage your waistline. Each serving is packed with antioxidants, B vitamins, calcium and iron, making miso a true Japanese superfood that you can now enjoy wherever, whenever.

All of the Clearspring miso range is prepared using the finest organically grown ingredients: whole soya beans, cereal grains, koji (cooked rice and soya beans that are mixed with a fermentation culture) and sea salt. Observing traditional Japanese methods of production that are central to all Clearspring products, each miso is naturally aged in cedar wood kegs over many months, resulting in a seasoning with rich and complex flavours and an abundance of digestive enzymes.

Organic White Miso with Tofu

CS777-12-12 Miso on the Go White OL - with kuzu OG

If you are trying miso for the first time why not start with the Organic White miso with tofu? This white miso is the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavours, whilst the addition of spring onion adds a delicious crunch next to the softness of the tofu.

Organic Red Miso with Sea Veg

CS777-12-12 Miso on the Go White OL - with kuzu OG

This variety is perfect if you want a full-bodied miso. The fermented whole soya beans give this miso a rich and satisfying flavour whilst the addition of sea vegetables adds an earthy texture, creating the perfect desk side snack!

Miso soup on the Go is as simple as just adding water. Ready in just 30 seconds, they are ideal for a quick and healthy lunch on the go, a light but satisfying snack or the perfect fitness food. The single serving pack makes Miso soup on the Go the perfect handbag essential. Pop a few packs in your bag to stave off the mid-afternoon hunger pangs or leave in the office for a Monday morning health boost.

Each miso block is freeze-dried, locking in all the health benefits and great taste. The addition of kuzu in this product binds the ingredients together, gives a delicious smooth texture and is also a great digestive aid – a first in organic instant miso soup. Vegan friendly and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Clearspring’s Miso soups on the Go are the latest addition to their extensive and traditional miso range, which includes Organic Miso Bouillon, Miso relish and Organic Brown Rice Miso.

Don’t miss out on the miso revolution.


  • Instant White Miso with Tofu: £1.29 for a 8g single serving
  • Instant Red Miso with Sea Veg: £1.29 for a 8g single serving

Available in independent health food stores and on line at www.clearspring.co.uk

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