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If you have yet to be coaxed away from your beloved bottle of foundation then take a look at out top picks in the mineral makeup industry.


Why Mineral?

It looks and feels lighter

It doesn’t rest in your pores or wrinkles so creates a flawless finish

Suitable for any skin type or age

Long lasting – doesn’t fade, smudge or crease.


Which mineral makeup?


A great range of colours and made from 100% mica powder – no other ingredients or additives.  Most mineral make-up companies only use 2-5% of Mica in their products, together with chemicals and fillers such as oil, wax, parabens and talc.  bellápierre’s products contain other minerals which protect and nurture the skin, such as Titanium Dioxide, a naturally occurring sunscreen. When added to makeup, it provides natural resistance to harmful UV rays. The mineral itself reflects the sunlight so you get a natural SPF of 15 to 20.

Their mineral foundation is in fact a sunscreen (SPF15), concealer, finishing powder and foundation all in one product and doesn’t have to be layered or built up.  The super amazing range of pigment colours (55 and counting) can be used as; eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipgloss, mascara, nail polish & more – using clear versions of gloss, varnish and mascara to blend them with.  The shadows can also be used on the eye straight from the pot for a natural look or vamped up using their primer.

I love this foundation – it’s a great coverage and I rarely have to touch it up – it stays put throughout the whole working day.  I’ve ditched my liquid foundation now…




Visit for the full colour range – including;

  • Award winning blushers and bronzers
  • The full 10 loose and pressed compact foundation colours
  • The 55 eye shadows/pigments for glosses, varnishes
  • Lipsticks, lipglosses, mascaras in the traditional colour format but made with minerals and the full range of clear products to make your own.
  • A skincare range – 100% praraben free and made with Jojoba.
  • Gorgeous “get started” kits for face and “get the look” kits for eyes.


Green People

Green People Mineral Foundation

100% of their ingredients are from natural origins and they donate 10% of profits to charity.  None of their products are tested on animals. The oils this contains are natural beeswax, jojoba and sunflower seed oil.


Dainty Doll – loose powder in a jar

Dainty Doll - Mineral Foundation

A great handbag product from light as porcelain Nicola Roberts’ cosmetics range.  The colours go through a range from very light to dark and come in a small pot attached to a brush.  Amazing. The powder contains vitamin E, essential SPF 18 and antioxidants as well as the minerals.

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