Last minute Halloween buys

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It’s a few days before, you are rushing around for the kids organising enough treats, their costumes and perhaps your own party costume.  Have you forgotten anything?  Probably…

Ocado is on hand to deliver any last minute Halloween items such as these cute “decorate yourself” treat bags, disposable plates for Halloween cupcakes and spooky versions of Cadbury favourites such as “Scream Eggs” and Toffee Apple Fingers (although I’d like to see them do white chocolate and raspberry “bloody” fingers, that would be cool.  Log on to Ocado and see what they’ve got.

If you don’t have kids or are “bah~humbug” about the whole thing (is there a Halloween equivalent?) you can still have a bit of fun and treat yourself at the same time.  These AMAZING skull headphones shout “don’t mess with me” any other time of year but a great nod to the famous time of celebrating all things goulish, undead and creepy!   View Quest £19.99

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