Last of the summer tans

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It’s always been a ritual of mine to fake tan before exposing the jiggly white bits on the beach. It just gives me an edge of confidence, especially if it’s done right and it’s subtle and gentle.  As it wears off – your own tan will build and you won’t know which is which.  In particular areas like upper thighs where they just don’t get an iota of sun in the winter – or back, torso area.  If you are struggling to get to those hard to reach areas – there’s even a new invention that will ensure an even application in that area which makes life so much easier!


I’ve got two favourite ways to tan before holidays.  If I have a long lead time and not to busy on the run up – I’ll use the gradual tanning method.  Many brands do a gradual tanning lotion, some show up, some don’t but since Fake Bake is my all time favourite tanning brand – I thought I would take a look at theirs – Amplify.


It’s really easy to use, the fluid is emoillient and easy to work in to the skin, meaning less annoying patches!  Over time it will build up to a really gentle, natural looking tan and it’s ideal for beginners as mistakes aren’t very obvious.

If I only have a few hours to commit or it’s a short notice thing, I will use a normal tanning product, have a good ol’ scrub in the shower and get a nice smooth application.  I love the new Fake Bake Coconut Tanning Serum with real coconut oil and hyalaonic acid.  It gives a wonderful finish but be warned, it’s not for beginners!  This serum, although soft and silky, needs to be worked in quickly and efficiently otherwise the application will look uneven.  So if you rarely fake it, or aren’t that good at getting a streak free finish we’d recommend something like Amplify (gradual tanner) or the 5 Minute Mousse.

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