Low fat liquorice tops the summer wish list

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Floral dresses and stacked wedges might be at the top of this season’s wish list, but this summer a girl’s best friend is the new Henry Goode’s Soft Eating Liquorice bar – the guilt-free stick of deliciousness that is giving figure-spoiling chocolate bars the elbow.

Containing only two per cent fat and all natural colours and flavours the new treat is the perfect sweet alternative to a chocolate bar that won’t ruin all those good intentions as the beach body campaign begins.  And whether you consider yourself a liquorice lover or hater, the unique soft bite and mild texture of Henry’s variety will win you over.

What’s more, the bar is the must-have handbag essential as it’s the ideal size for ‘on the go’ liquorice fans with busy lifestyles, so you can get that all important energy boost during the busy summer social calendar.

And if that wasn’t enough, liquorice is known for its array of health properties so whether it’s a sore throat after too much festival-singing or an overloaded tummy after all those summer BBQs, a bar of the magic remedy will have you feeling tip top in no time.

The Henry Goode Soft Eating Liquorice bar is the only British variety of the scrumptious snack with a superior taste to match.  Retailing at 59p, it is available in most good independent retailers.

For more information visit www.henrygoode.co.uk or follow Henry on Twitter atwww.twitter.com/henrygoode.

I have one in my handbag for snacking emergencies – have you?

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