Magic Layer – stay really toasty this winter!

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If you are one of these people that gets really cold really easily – perhaps you live in Scotland, are outdoors a lot or ski then you will be blown away with this base layer.  Anything I’ve ever tried has been bulky and perhaps ideal for wearing as a standalone layer but as soon as you want to put it under something tailored, dressy or even building the layers the fabric starts to bunch and ride up.

So the Magic Layer is designed to be almost nylon thin, it reminded me of a pair of tights. You could easily slip it on under a blouse, a polo neck or whatever smart tailored outfit you need to wear to work.  For dog walkers you could layer it under a walking top or merino base layer then a waterproof jacket and not even notice you are wearing extra layers.

Skiers will find this a fantastic addition to their kit – on super cold days this sits right next to the skin keeping it warm and all the other gorgeous layers on top including fleeces etc but for really warm days, this and an insulated jacket may be just enough.

For those of you who have to stand for half an hour waiting on a bus or train that is never on time, The Magic Layer will keep you warm but you don’t have to fuss around changing clothing before leaving home/the office.

You can see the image below how sheer the fabric is but also what a nice shape and cut the garment is.  Available from JML Direct at only £12.99!



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