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Natural, Organic, Eco friendly Skincare and Bodycare.

Mary Elizabeth bodycare introduces us to two ranges – Skincare and Nuture.

Within the skincare range there are two products – simple, effective and completely natural as well as being ideal for all skin types.


The moisturiser is Frankincense and Rose.  It contains jojoba, meadowfoam and thistle oils as well as shea butter, natural vitamin E and the essential oils of frankincense, rose and lavender.  It’s a gentle moisturiser – the scent is not overpowering (which it very easily could have been with those ingredients) and massages in nicely.  The natural oils (in an emulsion – this isn’t a facial oil) will nourish and hydrate the skin while the rose and frankincense have anti-aging properties.

In  the range there is also a Camellia and Geranium gentle scrub – soft enough for everyday use.  This contains oils of camellia, avocado, rose geranium, lavender and seeds from the cupuacu tree which are very soft on the skin.  I liked this, the pieces of scrub weren’t too large or abrahsive and the carrier oils in emulsion left the skin lovely and soft.  It’s worth using a toner after this though to ensure you got everything off.

The “Nuture” range contains two great products – a botanical hand cream with juniper and jojoba – great for after gardening, washing the dishes or just about anything that dries hands out.   It also contains lavender, geranium and chamomile essential oils but I’d definitely say the fragrance is more herbal than floral.  Smooths in nicely with a nice soft feeling for hours afterwards.

Finally this zesty spearmint and tea tree Nuture Balm is handy for all handbags and travel kits.  Can do lips, nails, heels, body  -wherever you can reach really!  The spearmint fragrance is lovely and not too strong – it’s a makeup kit hero and an absolute bargain at £6.50 considering all those pure essential oils in it.


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Mary Elizabeth founder Cecilia’s story;

In 2010 Cecilia suffered from skin cancer and after a course of treatment her skin was left red, irritated and itchy with a chance of possible scarring. To help soothe the skin she tried a range of products but none of them worked and many just made it feel worse. She realised that many of the products she was using were chemical-based.

A solicitor by profession, Cecilia is also a trained aromatherapist, Reiki Master, yoga teacher and member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Her knowledge helped her understand the benefits of natural products and using essential oils in skincare. She started to mix her own blends to use on her skin which, as a result, was soothed almost instantly and cleared completely.

From that moment Cecilia was dedicated to sharing her findings and developing products that contained natural ingredients and pure organic essential oils.

With her passion for natural bodycare products and after further training, development and research she created Mary Elizabeth Bodycare Ltd.

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