Matrixyl – the new force in the fight against aging

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With news out that chemical Matrixyl really does work for anti-ageing, QVC has rounded up their best PRAI skincare products which contain the miracle ingredient. The chemical has been scientifically proven to almost double the production of collagen, to help skin looking plump and youthful!

Prai founder, Cathy Kangas, explains: “Matrixyl is the most powerful peptide and it is known for its unique wrinkle fighting power – Only a HANDFUL of brands have access to it and Prai is one of those to use it at clinical levels. Gemstone caviar is the first product to use all 3 Matrixyls and therefore gives the customer wrinkle fighting power in 3 different ways, attacking 68% of wrinkles”

PRAI Gemstone Caviar 30ml – QVC Price: £33.00 Item Number: 203137 -(Contains all 3 Matrixyl variants)
PRAI 50ml Radiant Day Caviar – QVC Price: £33.00 Item Number: 226013 – (Contains Matrixyl)
PRAI Advanced Radiant Eye Repair – QVC Price: £26.50 Item Number: 226105 – (Contains Matrixyl 3000)
PRAI Creme De Luxe Eye – QVC Price: £27.50 Item Number: 220683 – (Contains Matrixyl 3000)

FILORGA Time-Filler® (£54, 50ml):

Time-Filler® is the incredible new ‘anti-wrinkle bomb’ by Filorga. It’s the first product of its kind to contain powerful “filler-like”, “botox-like”, “meso-like” and “peeling-like” ingredients, acting on all wrinkle dimensions simultaneously. Time-Filler® combinesMatrixyl Synthe to stimulate the synthesis of six major components of the skin matrix, a retinol-like active ingredient to smooth the surface and NCTF, FILORGA’s exclusive global anti-aging formula.


FILORGA Lip Structure (£38.00, 2x5ml):

Finally a ‘grown-up’ product that tackles the effect of ageing on the delicate lip area. Combines Matrixyl Synthesizer 6 with Novhyal to fill in fine lines and smooth the entire perioral area. A double-ended pen applicator delivers two formulas for a comprehensive action on all the signs of ageing. Excellent as a base for lipstick, it can also be used for retouching during the day, even over make-up.

The Filorga range can  be bought exclusively at Marks and Spencer

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