Men’s gift ideas

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They say it is extremely difficult to buy gifts for men. Compared to women, men are not as vocal about what they want, so it can be quite challenging to figure them out and know what they would like to receive when gift-giving occasions arise.

While it can be frustrating, most men maintain that they do not do this intentionally. They are simply just too busy with other things and don’t think to voice their opinions when it comes to presents. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a gent in your life, this guide on men’s gift ideas may help you out.

Look out for hints

Since men are seldom vocal about what they want, you should observe them closely in order to pick up clues as to what they may want or need. Remember, men generally prefer something that they will be able to use on a regular basis. They are not fond of novelty gifts that will just take up room in the garage or man cave. By observing your man, you may get hints on what to buy him for the occasion. Watch closely and he might mention a tool that he would like to have for his garage, something for his car, games console or even the garden shed.

Determine any special interests or passions


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Every man has something that he enjoys doing and is passionate about. If you have been to your man’s home or you live together, you may notice that he is into collecting things such as memorabilia or the latest technological gadgets. If you know his special interests, buy a gift that will enhance or add to them. For example, if he’s into vintage collectables, buying him a cool old sign from a flea market, garage sale or even a local picker will definitely work.

If your man is into reading, find out what his favourite genres of books are and then give him one from a popular author. Alternatively, you could even pay for a subscription for his favourite magazine . A subscription is a great gift because it will remind him of you every time a new issue arrives on a monthly basis.

Know what he likes to eat or drink


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An old adage states that, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Knowing what your man likes to eat and drink may just give you the perfect gift idea! If he is fond of drinking coffee you may want to give him his very own coffee machine. There are many to choose from with varying price ranges to suit all budgets. An ideal gift idea for your coffee-loving man is a product from the Tassimo range of coffee machines. They are extremely portable and can be used by your man in his workplace or at home. With this machine and a supply of different flavoured Tassimo coffee pods, your man can get single-served gourmet coffee anytime, with just a simple press of a button.

Fit the gift with his personality

What type of personality does your man have? Is he an introvert or an extrovert? Is he artistic and creative? Knowing the type of person he is will allow you to come up with gift ideas that will perfectly fit his personality type. For example, if your man is quite sentimental, a gift that is made from love such as a heartfelt letter or video is perfect because it will be more meaningful and really show how much you care.

Personalise your gift


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If you’ve really run out of ideas for a gift then you can always resort to the safe bets such as a leather wallet, belt or a suitcase.  However, when giving these types of gifts, always remember to have them customised with their initials.

Monogrammed cufflinks will look good on a man who always wears a suit to work. In fact, almost anything that is monogrammed with his name will be a gift that your man will appreciate. Even tools engraved with his initials will be highly valued since your man will immediately be able to tell which items a neighbour has borrowed and not returned!

Men, like women, appreciate the thought that was put into choosing a gift. Whether it is expensive or not, a well-thought out gift will go a long way. So make sure that your next gift to your man fits his passions, lifestyle, personality and needs.

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